Pressure WasherWe all understand for sure that oil can leak from our cars. Apart from that, we create quite a mess whenever we change the oil of our vehicles as part of its maintenance routine. This could truly leave a mess in our garages in Myrtle Beach, specifically on the concrete floor. This applies to most people particularly those who loves working on cars.

If you wish to clean your garage’s concrete floor, the conventional way is to go down on your knees and scrub the floors. Of course, you also need to use a soap or detergent, as well as other chemical degreasers to make this task a lot easier.

However, there is one problem with using chemical degreasers – they can be harmful to your health. As a matter of fact, you need to avoid any form of skin contact every time you use it. You also need to wear a mask so as to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes that these chemicals emit.

Give all these, how can you possibly clean your dirty and greasy garage floor?

For this kind of task, it is best to consider using pressure washers. However, you shouldn’t simply utilize any type of pressure washing machines. The pressure washing machine excellent for degreasing and cleansing applications would certainly be one with high water temperature levels or extremely heated vapor function. It ought to likewise have high circulation prices as well as high stress levels to truly get oil and grime off the concrete floor.

But that does not mean you can use any kind of pressure washer available in South Carolina. You need to find the perfect type that is suitable for the task on hand. When it comes to cleaning and degreasing purposes, the best pressure washer is one that features super heated steam or high water temperatures. It should also have high pressure levels and high flow rates so that it can effectively get rid of the annoying and stubborn grease and grime from your concrete floor.

Using a pressure washer will make cleaning your garage’s concrete floor a lot easier. Unlike the traditional methods, you do not have to spend hours cleaning, rubbing, washing, wiping, and using harmful chemical degreasers. Both oil and grime are difficult to remove and if you use the old ways, you will only end up spending several hours while accomplishing only a little.

In case there is need to use degreasing chemicals, be sure to opt for brands that contain eco-friendly ingredients. Such products can help remove greasy or oily deposits that were trapped in you garage’s concrete floor. Aside from that, these environment-friendly chemicals are non-toxic to both humans and mother nature. They are also more effective when used with a pressure washer.

One note though, it is not recommended to use cold water pressure washers for this kind of task. Cold water can change greasy deposits into waxy and hard clumps that are more difficult to get rid of.

This is why you have to utilize a pressure washer that expels water at a really high pressure. Furthermore, it must have a high flow rate of at least 3 gallons per min. Meanwhile, the water pressure needs to be 2000 pounds per each square inch or more. Additionally, the pressure washer must expel water at high temperatures. This can actually assist in softening and loosening up grease off your garage’s concrete flooring. If it is possible, choose pressure washers that give off super heated steam with temperature levels that is as high as 330 levels Fahrenheit.

Cleaning your garage’s concrete floor will certainly be far less complicated if you use a pressure washer featuring high temperature, pressure, and flow rate. It will make the job so easy and effective that your garage concrete floor will at some point look immaculate once you are done.

If you want to get great results, do not hesitate to call a reputable pressure washing pros.


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